Friday, August 5, 2011

TundraVision Heading Over To Cheesehead TV

Well, it finally happened.

Had a nice meeting with the omnipresent Aaron Nagler, who extended the invite for me to come on over and write for CheeseheadTV.  Against what you might believe, it wasn't an easy decision.  There's a bit of independence that I've gotten over the years just writing at my little blog, nice to not have deadlines or feeling like you might be pulled directions you weren't planning on being pulled in.  And CHTV is big, and I predict it is going to get even bigger.  That's cool and daunting at the same time, but I have a ton of faith in Corey's drive to keep pushing the envelope of what fan-based Packer coverage can do, and in Aaron's sheer force of will to keep CheeseheadTV at the forefront of the blogosphere.

In the end, it was Aaron's honest discussion of what he wanted me to do for CHTV.  The plan is for me to be a feature writer, which is really what I've been here.  The only problem is that when you put out two or three five-page-long articles a week (at best), you don't get a lot of traffic compared to the sites that are pumping out and tweeting 5-10 articles a day.  I realize I'm never going to be that guy who scours the news and quickly puts out a report citing the latest move and offering a quick two cents on it.  I'd love to, but the 9-5 job and family of five simply doesn't allow me to do it, and I am very thankful for both.

So, my goal has always been to "write a lot about a little", to try and tie different stories together and get a pulse not only on what's going on with the Packers, but with what is going on with the fan base, too.  Like it or not, we are a part of the story, because Lambeau Field would be pretty darned quiet without all those folks lining the seats.  CHTV is offering me the opportunity to write those longer, thoughtful articles without having to worry if people forgot the URL for TundraVision in the gaps between.

Believe it or not, Aaron, Corey, and I have gone back and forth on this for almost a year now.  Seems like the right time, and I'm glad to be an official part of the CHTV family.  I'm joining some fantastic talents that I've been honored to work with in the past: Corey, Aaron, Brian, Holly, Max, John, Jayme, and Andrew (who I actually haven't worked with yet, but look forward to it).  It also brings pretty much all of Cheesehead Radio under one roof, too.

In the next few weeks, the URL will redirect to CHTV, but the will remain right here.  I'm superstitious enough that I like a permanent repository for all that I write, and so I will copy my articles back over here, as well as anything else I write that may not be CHTV-ready.

For those of you who have followed my writing over the last six years or so (whether you liked it or not), thank you for giving me the encouragement (or a chip on my shoulder) to keep at it.  Please bookmark Cheesehead TV and look for my first article there this upcoming Sunday.