Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Fun Christmas Trip

Green Bay - Well, like every other normal, red-blooded testosterone-filled male in America, I waited until today to begin my Christmas shopping. So, a quick trip to Bay Park Square in Ashwaubenon was on the schedule. Not many people, good deals, in and out in about two hours. Just how I like it.

So, as I'm walking along, an announcement comes over the loudspeaker that Chris Havel is in he Centre Court to meet people. So, I meander back to see if he's really there. Behold, there he is, arm still in a sling, wearing a "The Fan" Sweatshirt. Being I've cited him so many times over the years, he should be thrilled to meet me, eh?

Chris: Hi! Would you like to buy my book?

LosAngelis: Um, no. Just wanted to say hey.

Chris: (looks disinterested)

LosAngelis: Keep up the good work, and Merry Christmas.

Chris: Thanks.

So, I guess the fraternity of Favre Acolytes isn't quite as tight as I thought, unless we buy each other's books.

So, later on, I'm standing in line at a store and waiting in one of the lines for the checkouts. I move lines, and see two gentlemen in very dapper black pinstripe suits, and another shorter guy in a tie.

Being this is a store that men usually don't appear in regularly (and I was itchy to get out myself), one of the men excused himself and said he was "getting out of here".

The other was getting a bunch of gift cards. As I looked carefully, at his bald head and resplendent and dapper outfit, it only took one turn of his head for me to figure out who was two spots ahead of me in line.

Yep. Double- D. Donald Driver. Milk Dud himself.

I listened to him for a while, very polite, though he was complaining a bit about the prices in the store (a sentiment that I wholly wanted to shout out in agreement with). He then took his gifts and walked right past me, noticed my white Packer hat, smiled and said "Hey, how you doin'?"

I responded, "Great, Merry Christmas to ya."

That was it. I'm a huge advocate for not bothering celebrities or athletes, especially for autographs, so that wasn't an option.

I'm not sure who the other guy was. He was of similar build and African-American, however, I didn't recognize his face. I think I would have recognized Ferguson, so I'm at a loss for identifying him, or if he was even a Packer.

The snippy little wench behind the counter, looked up with a rather snooty look on her face and said, "What, was that a Packer or something?"

I responded, "Yep."

She said, "Oh well. I am so like, not affected by that."

A minute or two later, she must have looked at the receipt of what he had all bought, and her eyes popped out a bit.

"Affected now, are we?" I asked.

Fun day. I thought that was just going to be some boring shopping, and end up meeting two guys on the "in's" with the Pack. Nice Christmas present.

And no, my cell phone doesn't have a camera on it, sorry.

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