Friday, April 11, 2008

Scout Writers Take the Bait

I wrote earlier about the silliness of the media all waiting to blow Favre's recent comments out of proportion, and leave it to Harry Sydney and John Lombardi to be the first in line to make a headline out of it.

I don't have a subscription to Scout, nor after reading these headlines do I think I am going to make any investment in it.

Sydney Speaks! Ride off into the sunset!

Packer Report’s Harry Sydney weighs in with his thoughts of Brett Favre’s recent comments regarding a possible comeback to football. Like many, Sydney is as perplexed as most Packers fans over the issue and, as always, tells us how he really feels.

Uh, huh. Now, Harry and I aren't saying much different from one another...I also think it is time for Favre to ride off in the sunset. But, placing all this on Favre is silly? Why do reporters ask him these types of questions? Why do they care?

Easy. So they have a story, and other media types can then overreact to it. No offense to Harry, whom I've grown to have some respect for over the years, but the best way to let Favre ride off in the sunset might be to actually LET him ride off in the sunset without constantly trying to pry a un-retirement scenario out of him.

But, John Lombardi took it a step even further...

By John Lombardi
Date: Apr 10, 2008

Favre not doing Packers any favors with recent comments

What? What did he do? Now, not reading the article itself, I might be missing some salient, observant point that belies the title. But I doubt it.

Favre gets asked, point-blank, if the Packers were in severe trouble and Favre was asked to come back in a short-term situation, would he consider it. Favre says, sure, he'd consider it.

How does this hurt the Packer organization?

He's retired. No matter how bad the Packer situation gets, Ted Thompson is not going to ask Favre to return.

No matter how much the fan base might cry for Favre's return in the event we're starting Jerry Babb by Week 3, Ted Thompson does not allow fan or media wailing to impact his personnel decisions.

But, what the heck. It's April, we're a ways away from the draft, not much else to write about. Hm...what have we filled the empty days of spring with for Packer news the past few offseasons?

Oh, that's right...endless speculation on how Favre's retirement drama is crippling the franchise, sending Ted Thompson under his desk in tears.

I've made this point before, even when Favre was still playing: do you honestly think Ted Thompson, an NFL executive, is sitting in his office fretting about what Favre was going to decide to do? Do you not think he had plans made for either scenario? Do you honestly think, looking at his salary cap approach, he was going to start investing huge amount of money in free agents had Favre retired earlier?

No. Ted is paid to run this team, and he should be given the assumption he knows at least something about how to do it.

Now, Favre is retired, and Ted is under no obligation to cater to his every need, not that he ever was.

So, John Lombardi thinks this "I might think about considering un-retiring if there was a crisis situation in Green Bay and Ted Thompson begs me on hands and knees to play a bit" is now not doing the Packers any favors?

I guess I just shake my head and smile. Please, draft, get here soon, so Scout can find something intelligent to write about.

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