Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Results of "End Around" Poll: Humphrey Projects as #2 TE.

End Around: Which backup tight end will nail the #2 spot on the roster?

Tory Humphrey
7 (87%)
Jermichael Finley
0 (0%)
A Free Agent Yet To Be Signed
1 (12%)

Despite all of the Thompson Draft Lovers who hyped up Jermichael Finley as a great athletic pick, it doesn't appear he's getting much love for this upcoming season. Frankly, I thought he was a bit of a reach and I think will end up being the disappointment of the 2008 draft. I think that Martellus Bennett, taken in the second round by Dallas, was the guy to take.

Humphrey has gotten a lot of positive hype in the past few weeks, so it is not unexpected that he would garner quite a number of votes. Whether or not he can escape the injuries that have plagued him thus far is less of a certainty.

TundraVision Prediction: Humphrey gets hurt, Finley is unable to do much this year in a developmental season. Packers go to the free agent wire to bring in more tight end talent.

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