Sunday, December 21, 2008

Results of "How to Fix The Packers" Poll

What's the Best Way to Fix The Packers

A strong splash in free agency 5 (20%)
Revamping the offseason schedule 0 (0%)
Coaching changes (Sanders) 9 (37%)
Revamping schemes and playcalling 4 (16%)
Fire McCarthy/Thompson 5 (20%)
Nothing - stay the course 1 (4%)

The "Fire Sanders" movement continues, with many believing that the decline of the defense needs to bring change.

What I think, though, is that we are going to have to really diagnose what the problem of the team is. It's easy to offer up lots of solutions, but face it...its kind of like prescribing a patient different prescriptions without giving him a proper checkup.

I'm nervous to start coming up with solutions, even firing Sanders, until we know where the problem really lies. Is this a talent issue? An injury issue? A coaching issue? Not practicing enough or practicing outside?

Like anything else, don't fix what isn't broken. In a season like this, though, its hard to tell what's broken from what isn't.

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