Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bob, The Tribe Has Spoken

With Ted and Mike holding immunity necklaces, they first managed to get Mike Stock to "voluntarily" quit the game, and in a not-so-surprising turn of events, voted off Bob Sanders.

So it goes in the latest game of Packer Survivor.

While the lack of discipline along the defensive front was disturbing enough, with the run defense seemingly gashed week after week, the collapse of the linebacker corps was inexplicable. Each of the four linebackers were either recently signed or extended to new contracts, and all had cap hits in the range of $4M this year. Both the defensive line and linebackers severely underperformed this year.

Injuries did Sanders no favors, with Atari Bigby, Cullen Jenkins, and Nick Barnett all finishing the season on IR, but none of them were doing that well when they were playing. And the drop off in play of nearly every other player besides Charles Woodson and Nick Collins generally signifies (to me, at least) those players wouldn't have done that much better.

Sanders lost the defense somewhere as time went on this season. So, as we snuff his torch and send him off the island, we bring to close the Sanders era in Green Bay.

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