Monday, August 17, 2009

Glazer: Cite a Source, eh?

I always tire of the Favre circus. I certainly fault Favre for not squishing these rumors as they get started, but this kind of stuff from Jay Glazer bothers me.

But until I see it more consistently, I'm absolutely convinced. Why? For starters, because everyone else on the Vikings seems to be convinced of the same thing. I mean damn near everybody!

During my two days in Mankato, nearly everyone I talked to within the team talked about Favre joining not as an "if" but rather a "when."

Players, coaches, team employees ... you name it, they seem to believe it. The case for a Favre-Vikings marriage seems more likely than not when we look at the overall picture of clues.


"everybody else on the Vikings"

"damn near everybody"

"nearly everyone"

"Players, coaches, team employees.."

I'm sorry, but out of "everybody", you couldn't find one of them willing to go on record with a quote? Out of every "player, coach, and team employee", you can't name one of them?

It's this kind of National Enquirer tabloid reporting that gets everyone's undies in a bundle. Who knows, Glazer may be on to something, but this kind of journalism is what gives the media a bad name.

Kind of like "Unnamed Sources". I've already called out Glazer in the past for trying to be the first with a scoop, even if it means making some of it up along the way.

Like it or not, the media will continue to milk Favre because we respond to it. Each and every time. Glazer has to get a blog out designed to bring some website hits, guess whose name he pulls out of the hat, right after Michael Vick?

The report that Glazer is miffed that ESPN isn't buying what Glazer is selling means that ESPN is either trying to cut down a network rival's scoop or they also see it as Glazer trying to make a little news off their golden boy.


J.R. Augustine said...

I agree. I know Glazer is pretty sure of himself on this one, but I just don't think his argument has a lot of teeth behind it.

I also don't think Favre is really coming back. The fact that Rosenfels did quite well in their opener.

Franklin Hillside said...

As Favre's world turns...