Thursday, August 26, 2010

TundraVision's PocketDoppler Interview!

Huge props to the Dopps!

Wally Pingel was kind enough to offer me a stab at his weekly Thursday Q&A feature, and you haven't checked it out yet, please do.  It's a great way to get to know some of your fellow fans and writers in the Packer Blogosphere.  Personally, I love it, and it's something we also try to do on Cheesehead Radio:  no matter what we agree or disagree on, we're all Packer fans united in the end, and the online community is something that is growing and bringing so many of the fans that are trapped out of state together.

Check out my Q&A with PocketDoppler

Check out PocketDoppler's Wally Pingel as guest blogger on Cheesehead Radio on August 12


IPB said...
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IPB said...

Excerpts from the Questionnaire -

"I’m going to say how impressed I was with Brandon Jackson this past week. We’ve spent too much time making Ryan Grant the feature/only back that gets such a high percentage of the carries, when we know that having two or three backs that share the load is far more ideal."

Totally agree with the concept here. We found that our when we had Green, Davenport & Fisher behind the QB.

Still, I'm just not sold on Brandon. His pre-season work is great, but he usually disappears in the Regular Season. Is that Coaching? Is that the O-Line's fault? Hard to tell. I'm just not that sold on him.

We lost a really good RB draftee, from last year. I hope it doesn't bite us back.

Great pat-on-the-back to Corey Behnke!

Totally agree with your assessment on what Bloggers should NOT be doing when the post commentary. And, yes, it is a hard protocol to maintain. In many cases, it's even more difficult to attach video that supports your opinion, when many of us have no Recorders at home, where you can slo-mo the play and dissect it to the Nth degree. I guess that's all part of the resource building process for many of us. Hopefully, you are already that well equipped in your Basement Headquarters...

Special Teams did look better in the 3rd game, against Indianapolis. Slocum may have bought himself a few weeks, for the time being. The part that's irritating, is this rule where creating a wedge is now not allowed. They might as well just handcuff Defenses and Special Teams altogether.

On Favre - it is disappointing that the Media thinks his stance has more merit than the Morale Question the GBP Org has always stood by. Even James Lofton was found to be innocent (even if he was somewhat habitual) and still Green Bay said g'bye to a great talent. The Morality Issue stance that Green Bay has had is a real bulwark for keeping the Team on the straight & narrow. Many a cheesehead truly respects that, and the reasoning behind it.

I've predicted 10-6 for the last three seasons. It was my stance at the end of the 2010 Draft. It won't change.

My favorite player still has to be Bart Starr. But, then, I do believe I'm a bit more tenured than you.

I also think a great deal of Kenny Ruettgers - wish I could find his Jersey. Or, a bonafide Lynn Dickey, for that matter.

UPDATE: Politics is about personal opinion pushing public agendas. Ever hear of the water cooler at work? There are some that feel it's more important than Professionalism. Oh well.

NOTE: Whenever I get myself back across the border, the first thing I do is stop at the nearest Pub and get me a Brandy-Old-Fashion-Sweet. There is no one down here in INDY that can make a good one. No one! Really sad, too.

Let me know when yer passin' thru the Crossroads of America. We can grab a bottle of brandy and experiment.

C.D. Angeli said...

IPB, that sounds like a great time. Last time I was in Indiana was some grad work at Purdue. Did make a trip into Indy, though.

And, FYI...I don't have a basement studio. I have the high-tech, ultra plush, Space Needle-like studio...or at least that's the picture on my desktop...