Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Join Cheesehead Radio LIVE for the Packers' #1 Pick!

Hey, by the end of the first round, we're all going to be a little sick of Berman and PermaHair blathering on about everyone else's teams' picks.  As the Packers' pick at #32 gets closer, turn down the volume on the television and listen to Holly, Jersey Al, C.D., John, and Jayme talk about THE PACKERS pick.  We'll give you instant reactions and catch you up on who Ted Thompson made Green Bay's latest first-round pick, even as ESPN goes off the air until Friday.

We're not exactly sure what time we'll start the show, but when the picks start getting around the mid-twenties, check Twitter and see if we've gone live!  (We only have two hours we can be on-air, so we want to have a good amount of time to talk about who we think the Packers will be picking, and time enough to talk about it afterwards.)

Bookmark this link at BlogTalkRadio and listen in as we bring you the Packers #1 pick with your favorite Packer bloggers!

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