Wednesday, October 11, 2006

There Are Eleven Guys On a Side

I've really made it a point to give McCarthy a bit of patience this year. Whether or not I agreed with the hire, he is our coach and I want him to be successful. I haven't railed on him much at all this year.

But I am going to put this out there, because it needs to be put out there, and I don't' care WHO the coach is. If you make a mistake with too many guys on the field, or give up big plays with too few players on the field, that is a mental coaching error. It is also fixable.

It is also EXPECTED to be fixed. Immediately.

I'm sorry to say this, but having too few guys or too many guys on the field ranks up there with troubleshooting your computer, and the first thing on the list is "Is your computer plugged in?".

This is basic football 101, and I don't care if this is his first year coaching or not: the rules haven't changed since high school, and he's coached long enough to know the number of players required.

Why am I bringing up McCarthy moreso than Sanders? I'll tell you.

1) Because Sanders hasn't fixed it. This is a recurring problem, and if your coordinator can't fix a basic problem, it is McCarthy's job to do it as head coach.

2) Because I noted something back in training camp, something that lit up a yellow flag for me. I mentioned it, and havent' harped on it since, but I am going to bring it up again.

When the special teams coach was keeping Driver after practice to practice returning punts, McCarthy knew nothing about it. In fact, he told the media that in a press conference, even mentioning that your starting flanker shouldnt' be returning punts.

Why was this not communicated to the special teams coach? Or Driver?

Much was placed on the former head coach for being a bit of a micromanager. This, to me, is a yellow flag for going 180 degrees the other direction.

Again, not a McCarthy bashing session or an agenda...I don't care who the coach is when it comes to not fixing such a basic problem. It needs to be done.

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