Friday, October 6, 2006

Why I Like Koren Robinson

Okay, before anyone jumps on me, I will say that I can think of 50 reasons why I didn't like his signing.

But I have seen on interesting positive. He's bailed Favre out on more than one occasion.

Favre does have a tendency to put his receivers in situations where they have to make a play on the ball, particularly if he's frustrated. Given our record over the last season and four games, that's more often than not.

After watching Robert Ferguson alligator-arm several interceptions last year, or, my favorite, falling down as the ball settled into the hands of the defender, I invented the following measuring stick.

A quarterback throws the ball into the endzone with decent coverage.

A #4 receiver falls down before the ball gets there.

A #3 receiver tries to make a play on the ball, but is unable to prevent the interception.

A #2 receiver knocks the ball away.

A #1 receiver makes the catch anyway.

In his limited time, I've seen several plays in which Favre threw a relatively poor pass Koren's way, and Koren turned his body around, and made a great play to knock the ball away from a defender. After watching some of the receivers we've had over the past couple of years, this was refreshing.

Koren is an active receiver who doesn't rely on his route and the ball to be delivered perfectly to make the catch. He goes to the ball and uses his physicality to make a play on the ball. I believe Greg Jennings has at least that potential, too.

But those receivers rarely get blamed when a ball bounces off their hands and into the hands of the defender, or when they can't adjust on a route and make a play on a ball that's "a little inaccurate". It seems pretty cheap when that blame falls entirely on the quarterback, because "that's who the interception gets assigned to", and "he's the one who threw it".

I don't care who is back there, Favre, Rodgers, or Quinn...I would much rather have a team of Driver's and Robinson's who go out of their way to make a play on the ball....even the less-than-perfect throws....than the prima donas who sit back and watch it happen.

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