Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Donald Driver is a Future Hall of Famer, But....

Donald Driver is a future Packer Hall of Famer. But he's not what you call a gifted athlete, and certainly far from a freakish talent.

He may not be a great route runner, but he does one thing very well: he is a receiver that a quarterback can rely on. And for that reason, Favre will get him the ball, because he knows Driver can catch it.

Face it: the supporting cast around Driver has been a revolving door of unfulfilled potential and marginal talent since 2004, when it could be stated we had perhaps the most solid top three wide receivers (and at least serviceable tight ends) in the league. Walker/Driver/Ferguson in 2004 was perhaps the best trio we've had in decades.

But since then, we haven't had anyone besides Driver that any quarterback can count on consistently. I could care less about whether or not the term "stumble-bums" can or cannot be used: the Packers had the highest number of drops in the league last year, and almost the highest drop ratio...when you consider that Brett is throwing for record-breaking numbers of attempts, that is inexcusable.

I'm not going to buy that these street free agents and waiver wire guys are suddenly going to play like starters simply because they've developed or are being competitive with the rookies. I hope that these draft picks are an actual influx of talent, but I still only visualize one of the two making the team, and as a third or fourth receiver.

As much as folks tried to make out the gang of Holliday, Brewster, and Martin as "great young talent" last year, I don't think they're going to be the answer...and this receiving corps needs an answer besides Driver.

The answer isn't being a freakish talent, or an egomaniacal punk, or a speed demon. It's a guy who will consistently go get and hang on to the ball.

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