Thursday, August 7, 2008

Results of "Jordy Role" Poll: Nelson clearly not starting...yet.

Jordy Role: Where do you think Jordy Nelson will be on the depth chart by the end of the 2008 season?

#1 receiver
0 (0%)
#2 receiver
1 (3%)
#3 receiver
11 (39%)
#4 receiver
15 (53%)
#5 receiver
1 (3%)
injured/not on roster
0 (0%)

So, most of us still have Jennings and Driver clearly ahead of Nelson, with Jones looking just about even. While Nelson does bring a great dynamic to the receiving position (he has two things I really like in a WR: height and is a "hands" catcher), experience still rules...this year, at least.

TundraVision Prediction: I think he ends up with more playing time this season than we think. We've gotten very lucky the past few seasons with injuries in the receiving corps (at least, since Ferguson left). I'm a strong believer in karma, and somehow, I have this sneaking feeling that when you load up with five strong wideouts, there was probably an unseen reason for it.

I think there is an injury to one of the top three guys this year, and Nelson gets some significant time at the #3.

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