Sunday, August 10, 2008

TundraVision: On Hiatus

Just want to thank the great viewers of TundraVision this offseason. Don't worry, I'm not leaving, but I am heading out for a two-week vacation that will keep me away from the Internet during that time.

Look for new articles coming out August 24th! Until then, fellow Packer fans....GO PACK GO!!!!

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Anonymous said...

To diagnose an abdominal strain, the afflicted person needs to report that he has pain or discomfort in that area. The Packers' physicals aren't invasive enough to determine that a player has an abdominal strain without the player reporting the pain or discomfort.

It's quite possible, even probable, that Favre is the one who told the trainers that he was in pain. Why did he do this? Because he really didn't want to get on the practice field and cause a major disruption in the Packers' training camp unless and until he found out from McCarthy that the Packers were 100% committed to him being their quarterback. He knew that he had to clear that hurdle or get that information before he could proceed to the next step. And he obviously couldn't clear that hurdle, as the anger and resentment over the he-said/he-said stuff was too poignant for him to gloss over, and so the trip to Green Bay became something of a going-through-the-motions exercise for him.

It looks like there may be more than the "3 possibilities" of what happened here. If there was a conspiracy, perhaps it was facilitated by Favre himself, and not the Packers.