Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Reaction: Packers take Raji

With the #9 pick in the NFL draft, the Packers take BJ Raji, the DT from Boston College.

Yes, he comes with some baggage, but it was the best pick...the best pick...Thompson had. Yes, there were many OTs available, but Thompson HAD to upgrade that line and the bottom-quarter rushing defense in the NFL last year.

My first choice, of course, was Tyson Jackson...good leader and solid player, who went to the Chiefs at #3. But Raji was the second choice. He is going to be able to move right in to the DT spot and share time with Ryan Pickett, who has his contract coming up soon anyway. Given that Pickett is the only NT on the roster, this was a fantastic choice.

Could the Packers have traded back or struck a deal for Crabtree? Maybe, but they would not have gotten the level of talent to upgrade the line that they are getting with Raji. Yep, a lot of great talent would still be out there, especially at OLB, but those OLB's can't do anything without some stout bodies in front of them.

Great pick, Ted.

Could Raji Be Our Warren Sapp?

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