Sunday, April 19, 2009 Launches!

Tundravision now has its own URL! Yes, I ponied up the money and you can now access TundraVision directly at (removing that whole "blogspot" deal).

Here are a couple of Frequently Asked Questions about the name change:

You now have your own website name! Are you going to be expanding Tundravision?

I probably could, but I really don't have any need to get all Twittery right now. There are a lot of great websites out there that are already "one-stop shop" sites for Packer news. I think PackerChatters does a great job in doing that, being a central location for draft news, and has a solid, well-moderated forum. CheeseheadTV has great rim-shot commentary of daily happenings and is slowly becoming the hub of the Packer Blogosphere. And I don't miss a day of Railbird Central's Daily Links, which sums up the mainstream and online jewels nicely.

All these sites are places I go to see what is going on there and elsewhere. And sometimes, they will cite Tundravision as a place to check out, which is always appreciated.

Why don't you want to become a "one-stop shop" kind of site?

Well, I have a lot on my plate...job, wife, kids, coaching. I really don't want to spend any more time in front of a computer than I already do. Someday, when Tundravision is bringing in six figures a year annually for me, I may expand it out a bit. But right now, I'm just going to focus on what I do best, which is a good long feature essay every couple of days.

So, why the domain name change?

Well, I was getting tired of these conversations:

Buddy: So, what is your blog called again?

Me: Tundra Vision

Buddy: So, I just go to Tundra Vision dot com and look at it?

Me: Well, no. You have to go to Tundra Vision dot Blog Spot dot com and look at it. Or you can just do a Google search for Tundra Vision and...

Buddy: Wait...Blog Dot Spot Com?

So, it makes it easier. And, I suppose, it also makes me feel a little more legit as a true Packer Blog site.

So, you think you're all that?

And a side order of fries.

Now, I have some of your old blogspot articles linked on my site. Will I have to change those links?

Nope...the old blogspot links will redirect to their respective links on TundraVision. Pretty slick. I like "not a lot of work" for both you and me, trust me.

Will your stuff still be on PackerChatters?

You bet. PC gave me my start at writing and I appreciate all their support with that.

Anything we can look forward to in the future at TundraVision?

I've always wanted to fact, I think I had brought up the idea at PackerChatters before they merged with Packers Therapy. But again, it is time and energy that I would need to find and stay consistent with. Maybe someday soon!

Thanks to all those folks who check in and leave comments! It's great to be a part of such a great online Packer community!

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MJ Kasprzak said...

Saw your article on Packer Chatters referencing my linebacker analysis, and I like being the bookend of jsonline.
Reading this piece, I think Hawk has lived up to those minimum expectations you listed for first rounders of being a solid starter, but I also agree he is near his ceiling--i.e. he is unlikely to get multiple pro Bowl invites. I think we drafted him as a safe pick and because we needed an upgrade at the position, and he provided that. The same might happen with this year's #9...