Thursday, May 28, 2009

Harrell Waiting for Next Segment of His Career?

I apologize in advance for this, because I hate taking quotes out of context. However, this one just stood out to me as a great moment of McCarthy-ese during his OTA press conference (hattip to Bruce) today.

Really my expectations for Justin are to stay healthy. I think all of the individual goals that he has and that we have for him, he'll be successful and reach. He's a player that is kind of going through an injury segment of his career, and it happens.

This has been a "segment" of his career? I didn't major in mathematics, but in geometry, isn't a "segment" a part of line that has a set beginning and an end? This "kind of injury segment" started before he was even drafted by the Packers.

I do love McCarthy and some of his ways he likes to explain things off...and you do have to respect how he does his best to talk highly of his players, especially when the media is fishing for some ink. But, he did hit on the truth in the first sentence of that quote: the goal is just to get him healthy. Period.

Otherwise, this isn't going to be an injury segment, but an injury ray.


FITZCORE1252 said...

Average take. Average verbage. BUT, INJURY "RAY"... classic!


C.D. Angeli said...

Thanks! I think...

IPB said...

I would offer that MAC is more right than you know. Although, it has yet to be proven. (That part, we all know)

However, didn't Flanagan go thru this "segment" himself, before going on to be a fine replacement for Frankie Winters? Did not Nick Collins also have such a "segment"..? I have to know (automatically) that I'm missing probably a half-dozen other names, who have played for the Packers and contributed more than reasonably.

EVERYONE wants to see Harrell "stay healthy" and finally prove his "value-add".

C.D. Angeli said...

Hey, know, I certainly don't fault MM for putting some positive spin on JH at all. In fact, it seems like Harrell is blood in the water and the media are sharks right now, and they're looking to move in for the kill.

I have no problem with hopeful optimism for Harrell, but there is some borderline unreasonable optimism for Harrell lately, and that sets him up to give us a big let-down if he fails.

And, while your example of Flanagan is well noted, I bet I can find a lot more players who were drafted and never panned out at any point in the career due to injuries. It happens.

But, as you stated (and I've agreed), Harrell doing well benefits everyone in Packerland. I just don't intend on getting my hopes too high just yet until I see some production on the field in September-December.