Monday, June 22, 2009

Ever Notice Dreams Make Sense IN The Dream?

Plop down for a quick power nap today, and boy, did Packer reality change in that hour.

In my dream, Alfred Malone was traded away (this was reported on ESPN) to the Washington Redskins. And who did we get in return?

Randy Moss. And in my dream, it made total sense he was playing for the Redskins.

Now, the report then stated that he wasn't on the active roster, but in some sort of advisory position/reserve list, the implication being that we needed him to be convinced to play out another season.

And who else was in Green Bay, but not on the active roster? Brett Favre, holding court while throwing to high school kids, talking about how "interesting" it was that the Packers brought in Moss (while throwing what appeared to be a 60 yard bomb during the interview).

And it made total sense to me, in the dream. I remarked to my wife, "You know why they brought him in, don't you? They just brought him in to convince Favre to come out of retirement and play another year."

Gasp. It was a package deal. We would be convincing both to play for us by enticing them with the other.

And then, I was panicking, because I hadn't posted anything on the blog about this, and I knew that the Cheesehead Nation guys were going to be talking about it on the blogcast and I didn't have all the facts yet.

And then, I woke up. And I went on believing this dream for a couple of minutes until I realized soccer was on ESPN, Moss didn't play for the Redskins, they'd never give him up for Alfred Malone anyway, and Moss would now make 18 wide receivers on the roster (Oh wait, that would only 12...must have been that dream again).

Back to reality. Thank God. Other guys have Taco Bell and get to dream about the Bikini Girls, and these are the lousy dreams I get?

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