Monday, June 8, 2009

Packers Lounge Needs Help

Save The Lounge

Brandon and Dale have fallen on hard times and their Packer site is being foreclosed on. We're all Packer fans, and if you can spare a dime to help out, please do.

It's really been an amazing journey looking at the expanse of the Packer Blogosphere. So many Packer fans out there, and they've created so many different communities that appeal to groups of those fans. Not every site is the same, and many of them tend to cater to the folks that frequent them. But, its those differences that help us all find our own virtual "Packer Bar" to hang out at online.

Some may prefer the loud bar with chair flying overhead, while others prefer that quieter bar with folks telling their stories about the glory days. But on game day, we all stand united as Packer fans, bleeding green and gold.

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