Friday, December 17, 2010

Don't Do It, Aaron

I love Aaron Rodgers.  I love the Packers.

I love the Packers in the playoffs.  With Aaron Rodgers playing.

But, if given my druthers, I'm far more happy with the idea of Aaron Rodgers in playoff games for the Packers for years to come, not being led to the slaughter against the Patriots with only a paper-thin offensive line in front of him.

I'm not a doctor.  I don't even play one on TV.  I don't know the severity of his concussion, the amount of bruising of the brain, how his tests are going, or even if he wants to play.

Sit down, Aaron.  Unless you are given a complete free and clear pass to play, don't push it.  Don't rush it.  Don't be a hero.

I remember several times through the nineties when Reggie White would be listed as "doubtful" on the injury report on Tuesday.  By Saturday, he'd be "questionable", and Sunday morning he'd run out the tunnel at Lambeau to a roaring crowd.  I also remember one conspicuous time when Brett Favre was injured during the week, and the television network intentionally hid him deep in the tunnel to make it a surprise whether or not he'd start.  Naturally, the crowd loved it and it added to his legend.

That was then.  And those weren't concussion.  This isn't coming back from a hyperextended knee.  This is Merrill Hoge-land.  This is the rest of your career and the rest of your life.

You have nothing to prove to me.  I am not comparing you to Ironman Brett Favre.  You have convinced me you've got what it takes to lead a football team adequately...certainly more adequately than most of the quarterbacks presently playing in the NFL.  You don't need to convince me you're tough.  You need to convince me that you can make better decisions when rushing the ball, yes, but not that you're tough.

The Packers need to deal with life without you, if you cannot play.  They had little in the cupboard for backups for you, for Ryan Grant, and the offensive line has been a struggling work in progress since Rivera and Wahle left.  Between you and Favre, you've always been there to bail them out when the running game disappeared.  It's time we get a look at this team without you.

No, Matt Flynn may not be the answer.  But endangering your career just to establish your own "legend" is stupid.  You're a good man and a good quarterback.

Let's keep it that way.


BigSnakeMan said...

I'm inclined to agree with you on this one. As a leader on the team, I'm sure Rodgers believes he has an obligation to play if he feels physically able. This is where the coaching staff needs to step in and measure the potential immediate gain against the long term risk.

Rodgers is the most vital cog in the future of this franchise. In my estimation, the odds of winning this particular game don't justify the chance of exposing Rodgers' to greater injury.

PackersRS said...

Right with you.

If Rodgers isn't 100% clear of his concussion, he should sit.

This is the least important game. If any game he can miss, it's this.

John Rehor said...

Long term health of Rodgers and the team is not worth taking the risk of playing him for one game.

If he is not healthy, he should not play. Period.