Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Visit with Greg Bedard on Cheesehead Radio Thursday Night!

At 8:00 CST, visit Cheesehead Radio over at BlogTalkRadio for a special guest appearance by a fan favorite of Packer fans and regular viewers of Packer Transplants, Boston Globe NFL/Patriots writer Greg Bedard.

In addition to cultivating a fervent fan base being being one of the first mainstream media members to embrace the blogging and internet fan base, Bedard brings a unique perspective, having effectively covered the Packers for the first half of the season, then covering the Patriots since.  He's going to be able to give us all insight both on how the Packers got to where they are today, as well as sizing up this Sunday's Matchup.

In addition, join C.D., Jayme, Jersey Al, John, and Holly as we run through our Packer News, Cheese Curds rants, Extra Points of Contention, and Holly's always-perfect Opposition Research Minute.

1 comment:

Vasili said...

way to go to get Mr. Bedard. Wished you would have asked him about Leroy Butler's comments on jsonline about Brett Favre.