Wednesday, January 5, 2011

@BearsGab Comes Through on Wager

Gotta hand it to Jeff Fisher...he's a good sport.

After a game in which I was quite honestly afraid I'd have to find someone's Walter Payton jersey and get a picture of myself publicly distributed across the internet, the Packers came through for me.  Our wager to dress in the winner's gear went the Packers' (and my) way.

Jeff, apparently in attendance at the game on Sunday (and significantly larger than I originally guessed from our phone conversations), posted this picture of himself in Packers gear.

[edit: I noticed the title of this picture was Packers3.  Would have loved to have seen the first two attempts.]

It was an ugly win, nothing new for the Packers or the Bears this season, and now the second season truly begins.  Perhaps in a bit of wishful thinking on both our parts, Jeff predicts that the NFC Championship game will be played in the Windy City...against none other than the Green Bay Packers.

Sounds good, Jeff...I'm sure you'll procure an extra seat for me for that game.  That would indeed be one for the ages.  Good luck in the playoffs.

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