Sunday, January 2, 2011

The BearsGab/TundraVision Game Bet

Jeff Fisher, the excellent Bears blogger from BearsGab, decided to gamble his dignity away by engaging in a bet with me over the outcome of today's game.  The deal is that the loser will have to take a picture of himself wearing the other team's gear and post it on their blog. As I stated on Twitter, I think I know one person who is a  Bears fan, and he will be out on Huber tomorrow for me to borrow a jersey from him. :)

Incidentally, before poor Jeff has to lose his dignity wearing a Charles Martin jersey tomorrow, check out his site and his most excellent guest blogger appearance on Cheesehead Radio Thursday night before the game starts!


BigSnakeMan said...

Nice. Make sure you re-post the link here after the game.

Bojan said...

Charles Martin jersey... Priceless!!!