Sunday, July 20, 2008

Favre Fanatics Storm Atrium

From the Capital Times:

GREEN BAY -- Brett Favre fans let their feelings be known on Sunday with a rally at Lambeau Field. Approximately 400 fans showed up, but organizers are banking on an even larger crowd on Thursday prior to the annual stockholders meeting.

People from as far away as Arizona, and from as many as eight states came to the Bring Back Brett Favre rally. Organizers are ramping up support as the stockholders meeting and training camp begin.

Organizers are asking all Favre fans to get tickets to the stockholders meeting from any stockholder that isn't planning to attend. A set of two tickets is available on eBay with no bids on them

Just amazing. Now, mind you, I'm not marching in any parades, but I do find the continued support of Favre interesting.

Try making a pro-Favre statement on any Packer message board, and you will get smacked. Check the Green Bay Press-Gazette and look for anything other than pro-Thompson news, and see what you find. The tide has been profoundly against Favre as late.

But here are some crazy Favre fans continuing to press for his return, silencing the people that mocked the quickly-organized movement last weekend. Over 400 people marched at the Atrium today, more than the 100 last week.

And, at the Packer Hall of Fame ceremony last night, according to reports, Favre received a standing ovation and plenty of positive shout-outs from the crowd, with nary a boo amongst them.

Now, my take:

I don't like seeing the "Fire Ted Thompson" movement in all of this. This doesn't have to make either side out as the bad guy. In essence, Thompson is doing what he thinks is best. He isn't perfect, and hasn't come out of this smelling like a rose. But, he is the reigning GM of the Year and there is no way he is going to be fired.

The best way to get through this, if you are a Favre fan, is to continue to encourage both sides to drop the hard line and get together and hammer something out. If that means Favre returns and all are content with it, then get it done. If it means that the Pack and Favre amicably part ways via trade or release, then get it done. If it means the Favre re-retires and perhaps comes back in some other capacity with the team, then get it done.

But the more we all continue promoting the bad blood between the two parties, making this a win-or-lose situation, the more it is going to hurt all of us in the long run.

If the Favre Fanatics are going to march, make this something positive for Ted Thompson to look at, not something negative.

Miracle Max: Goodbye! Have fun storming the castle!
Valarie: Think It'll work?
Miracle Max: It'd take a miracle.
Both: Goodbyyyee!!!

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