Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Results of "Favre Drama" Poll: Don't Look for #4 Anytime Soon

Okay, the big Favre drama is out there. What do you think?
He's Back In Black!
8 (24%)
Much Ado About Nothing.
25 (75%)

By better than a 3-1 margin, voters believe that for all the drama and ESPN-fueled chaos that is out there, this whole circus is just some offseason reason to get back on the Packer blogs and forums and re-connect with fellow fans. And, bring up the whole Ted vs. Brett argument for the 493th time.

It's good to see. I think Favre is going to stay retired, and despite being as big of a Favre fan as there is, it's for the best. I think 13-3 is going to be hard to top regardless who is throwing the ball and Favre ended on a good note. I don't think anything good is going to come out of it for him, and while the Packers would benefit from his play, its time they lose their lightning rod.

Incidentally, anyone notice that Peter King doesn't have to cite his sources either? He just gets to say "I know for a fact..." and we all take it for gospel truth.

I wish I had that power.

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