Thursday, July 31, 2008

Results of Grant's Tomb Poll: Expectations of Grant in 2008 Mixed

Grant's Tomb: Ryan Grant is still unsigned with training camp looming. Do you believe Grant can repeat his success from the last half of last season?
Yes! 1,200 yards+ in 2008!
6 (30%)
Pretty much, but will struggle more this year. Close to 1,000 yards.
4 (20%)
Holdouts and new QB, bad karma. Will be closer to 500-700 yards.
4 (20%)
He's another Samkon Gado. Jackson will be the starter by midseason.
6 (30%)

Talk about an inverted bell curve. It's all over the board with what we really think Grant can do to repeat his success in 2008. Certainly, the fact that I started this poll before training camp, and with all the news since...I wonder if we redid this if there wouldn't be more votes near the bottom.

I like Ryan Grant, and hope he does well. But, there comes a point where both sides need to get him on the field, especially when you realize that the Packers not only eschewed any FA running backs, but also any running backs in the draft.

It appears Brandon Jackson is being touted as the potential breakout players, and for the Packers' sake, he better overcome his injury history and do so, because there isn't' another true starting-caliber guy on the roster, and Aaron Rodgers is going to need a legitimate running game in order to be successful.

TundraVision Prediction: Like most holdouts, Grant will struggle with his own injuries and conditioning and not amount to much this year. It will be another rotating door at RB, with Jackson eventually winning the job when healthy.

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