Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Results of "Rodger Doger Poll": Aaron would demand fair shot.

Rodger Dodger: How would Aaron handle a Favre comeback?

Demand a trade
5 (16%)
Demand open competition for the starting job
15 (48%)
Dutifully take the clipboard for another year
6 (19%)
Complete nervous breakdown
5 (16%)

Interestingly enough, the poll decision is also the most likely decision. There's wasn't a whole lot that shocked me on Favre's second part of the Van Susteren interview last night, but the one thing that made me raise an eyebrow was when she asked if he would be open to competition for the job.

His response was kind of a shocked, "Why?" That communicates two things to me: number one, he does have a sense of entitlement to his starting job, which, had he not retired, would be deserved. The other, however, is that I don't think he trusts the Packers to give him a fair shot in open competition.

That's too bad (both Favre's refusal to compete for the job, as well as the Packers not willing to give it a fair shake in training camp). When you think about it, it seems to go against what we know about both parties. Favre has been an ultra-competitive player, who seems to play better when he has someone breathing down his neck (Brunell, Hasselback). Thompson and McCarthy have preached competition and letting the better man win since they got here.

There's some serious dysfunction going on here. We know what the best option would be, if Favre came back, and that's to let them battle it out.

I did laugh at the five people who thought "Nervous Breakdown". I think someone in this whole drama will have one by the time it is all over. Not sure which one, though.

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