Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Results of "Favre and Away" Poll: All Over The Board

Favre And Away: Realistically, how is this going to turn out?

Thompson relents, Favre starts 6 (16%)
Thompson relents, open competition 2 (5%)
Favre calls bluff, takes #2 spot 0 (0%)
Fave calls bluff shows up, re-retires 1 (2%)
Favre calls bluff, Thompson trades Favre 4 (10%)
Thompson trades Favre before TC 8 (21%)
Thompson releases Favre 6 (16%)
Favre re-retires after Winters induction 10 (27%)

Oy...this is what you get when you have too many options in polls.

However, if you look at it, about 21% believe that Thompson will relent from his hard-line with Favre.

Only 12% believe that Favre is going to show up for training camp before a resolution is made.

Only 16% think he will be released.

Nobody thinks Favre will accept the #2 spot without any level of competition for it.

30% think he will end up re-retiring.

31% thinks he will end up being traded eventually.

So, one-third thinks he will be traded. One-third thinks he will be retired.

The leaves the other third split between thinking he will be released or be a Packer this year.

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